Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy EN


ACOMA's environmental policy

ACOMA has worked on the drafting of an Internal Environmental Policy demonstrating its environmental commitment.

ACOMA's Environmental Policy starts by committing to paper the development team's desire for safe and sustainable printing technology. Production itself becomes sustainable and aims at reducing CO2 emissions and waste in general. A revolutionary approach for the sector, which among the results obtained, has also led to ISEGA certification for ALL its products.

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Key points of ACOMA's policy

ACOMA is aware of how every company has the opportunity of making a real difference concerning the fate of our planet. Here are the main actions implemented by ACOMA for reducing its environmental impact:

Elimination of solvents and harmful materials
Reduction of waste
Recycling and optimised waste management
Constant monitoring of activities
Reuse of packaging
Awareness raising of employees
Zero Solvent Technology EN
Environmental Policy EN


The company's commitment to environmental protection

The ACOMA team believes that every business entity has a duty to recognise its environmental impact and must work toward reducing it.

ACOMA's commitment to the development of sustainable solutions is based on the awareness that every company inevitably has an impact on the environment. Energy consumption, use of natural resources, waste generation, pollution, can become very serious and uncontrolled phenomena. For this reason, ACOMA adheres to constant monitoring of its performance, to continually improve its results concerning the environment. The goal is to go beyond legal compliance and compliance with standards, because - as we know - there is only one planet Earth.