• AcoSuperCoat


    New series of special single face compressible coating plates with improved varnishing characteristics. AcoSuperCoat is available in 1,15 - 1,35 - 1,95 mm thickness.

  • AcoCoat production


    Introduction of 2160mm width in varnishing plates production; varnishing plates rolls are now available in the following widths: 1080, 1460, 1700 and 2160 mm.

  • AcoNovo UV


    Printing blanket “AcoNovo UV”, a new product of the AcoPrint series for UV applications. Printing blanket with a very compact carcass, developed for high smash resistance and a longer life. Particularly suitable for packaging and metal decorating.

  • AcoCoat UV


    New coating plate “AcoCoat UV”; special version of the well-known AcoCoat dedicated to the UV varnishing.

  • Aco Coat Plus


    New coating plate “ACO COAT PLUS”, special version of the well- known ACO COAT, with improved resistance to the UV varnishes.