Innovation & Environment

Acoma's target of the radical overhaul and innovation of the current blanket technology rests on solid foundations and as a result of decades of specific experience in the highly complex world of offset printing blanket design, development and production.


The most radical decision was to completely eliminate the use of all solvents within our blankets and our production. Acoma obtained a 100% solvent free production also in conjunction with the total removal of the harmful chemical Phthalates, these were then replaced with chemical components and ingredients that meet the strictest requirements within packaging of food stuffs, toys and medical goods.

The result is a product cycle and a production facility that complies with the strictest regulations for customer health, and a greatly reduced impact on the environment. This has also been achieved with no loss of quality in fact quite the contrary we have engineered a higher grade more stable range of blankets.



We are very proud of our production facility in Cremosano, Italy as the contents of the entire factory have been constructed within the last 3 years and again have met all of the strict waste, chemical and ecological laws laid down by the local and Italian authorities.



At the time we eliminated phthalates, using chemical components and ingredients approved for foodstuffs.

The result is a production which complies with the strictest international regulations for Customer Health, with a very limited impact on the environment.